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Girl Makes Indie Movie

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Season One Episode Breakdown

  1. "Unexpected Places" - Ten years after starting Girl Makes Indie Movie, Israel hits the road and lands in unexpected places that take her to worlds that go beyond her imagination.
  2. "The Finish Line" - As she fights to finish her first movie and build her first world, Israel visits the past to make sense of the future.
  3. "Judas" - When her family betrays her, Israel says goodbye to everything she's ever known, and finds a new place to call home.
  4. "The Great Divide" - Now, finally free from the things she lost, Israel uses her power to heal others and create a new eternal family in Christ Jesus. This marks the beginning of the supernatural war between God and Satan.
  5. "The Tie That Binds" - When time stands still, Israel enters a portal behind the world of worlds, and creates the unknown into being.
  6. "The Stopwatch" - Bringing realities into existence, Israel uses time to create stories in a new way.
  7. "Revelation" - God and Satan go to war and run across time, space and relativity to destroy each other.
  8. "Between the Miles" - Israel's nemesis pops up for one last battle to seal the deal, and the fate of mankind hangs in the balance. And finally, Israel becomes supreme as God.
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