GospL’s Goals Are To…
“Transform the world and bring you back to God through storytelling: movies, series, music, courses and more.”

Yep, Salvation is Super Easy. How So?

Getting saved is as easy as asking God. “Will you help me,” or “Will you save me,” one struggle at a time, even if you live in a country that doesn’t permit Bibles.

Bibles aren’t required for salvation.

Papa God just provided them to prove His existence and support what He tells you and give you a foundation on how to live a righteous life.

But they’re not necessary if you can’t get to one. All you need is God at the very least.

How Do You Know When God is Talking to You Versus the Enemy?

God talks to you through your heart and the devil manipulates you through your mind—your thoughts.

How Do You Know the Difference?
  • If you have to talk yourself out of something, it’s usually God.
  • If you have to talk yourself into something, it’s usually the devil.
  • If it seems like both, then both are usually in the picture and you just simply go with the answer you think is best and God will correct you if you’re wrong.

    You can say, “Papa God, I believe you’re telling me this. If I’m wrong, will you correct your willing servant, please, if you so choose?”

    I say this all the time and He always does. Sometimes it takes awhile but in due time He makes everything clear.

To Teach You Who the One True God Who is…

Many times the devil plays “which God is which” games with you and “which truth is which games” with you and points the finger at God, fooling you into believing God’s an overly religious psychopath when it’s actually Satan you hear (a demon inside you pretending to be God).

How Do You Know the Difference?

Again, God convicts through the heart and you have to pretty much talk yourself out of something when it’s God. You’re usually prone to do this when God is convicting you to do something that’s uncomfortable.

This turns you into a false god and will cost you your salvation if you continue down this path of rebellion.

The devil attacks you through your mind and often you’ll find yourself confused and indecisive. Eventually, contradictions pop up…

… But most importantly, what he usually tries to manipulate you into doing is extreme (psychopathy), whereas, with God, the truth often is relaxed and lies somewhere in the middle.

To Teach You the Difference Between True Christianity and Legalism Which Look Almost the Same…

What is True Legalism?

Legalism leaves God out of the picture (The Holy Ghost) and instead, you try to climb your way to heaven.

You end up outside looking in, and it deals specifically with your thought-life and makes feel like you have to be perfect. You get locked into perfectionism. It’s fraud masking as the real thing.

It takes you away from God.

What is True Christianity?

True Christianity leads you to rely on God (the Holy Ghost) and take risks when God convicts you in the heart.

You’re a fool in faith and that’s what makes you righteous.

You trust God to deliver even if your mind tries to convince you otherwise and your eyes may deceive you.

“Eyes deceive, ears deceive, but I choose to believe.”

This is a fantastic way I remember how to have faith in God from time to time.

People often confuse being righteous (true Christianity) with trying to be perfect (legalism).

But with true Christianity, you’re transformed from the inside out. You trust God to clean you up, you don’t try to climb your way to heaven.

And it draws you close to God.

Are There Any Other Forms of Legalism?

Yes, another form of legalism is when you combine your beliefs (as a false god) and mix them with some of what God commands you to do to be righteous.

And it turns the truth into a lie and you into a walking, talking mini Anti-Christ.

The whole world is steeped in legalism today and almost everyone has a demon inside them. Everyone has their “version” of the truth…

… Which is a lie.