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How We Film on Set

Many times we create movies using husband and wife teams. But not always.

There’s plenty of room for actors who are called by God to act, whether single or married to someone else, to follow through acting in the movies, series, etc. without sinning while glorifying God. 🙂

. . . . .

Love Scenes

And if the actors aren’t married and the scenes are sacred, we have a husband and wife team stand in for them to do the kissing scenes and sacred scenes.

I call them “love doubles.” They’re like stunt doubles, except they do the love scenes.

Love scenes are possible with God, but they have to be carefully done in order to not cause others to lust. And what is sacred must be kept sacred.

. . . . .

Kissing Scenes

However, in the future, for kissing scenes, I’ll be bringing in a true love kiss. So, if a kissing scene is required for actors who aren’t married, they can kiss and it lacks lust or anything evil, and is pure love like the love of Christ.

A true love kiss. A pure love kiss. Or agape love kiss. It can also be considered a brotherly, sisterly love kiss.

It’s perfectly righteous.

However, this is only available for servants of Christ.

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