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Interview with the Vampire Soundtrack

Interview with the Vampire (2023)

Drama, Horror | March 4, 2023

Currently in: Pre-Production


Brewster Jordan / The Interviewer
Claudia / Lestat

The World of Interview with the Vampire


Listen to the View Audio Book!

"The View" audio book is in its beginning stages, with the soundtrack included for both the audio book and the movie. You can listen as I work my way through developing the story from beginning to end.


The story of the vampire Lestat and Louis's complicated and doomed relationship over centuries.

"The whole world's a picturescope, Louis."

"Where's your sense of humor?"

"I like working for things. Life would be boring if you didn't have something to aspire to. (Don't you think?)"

You are such a killjoy. Miserable in every way.

I want you to think about what we've got and consider yourself lucky. We've got blood and more blood. Bon apetit. (Hackles.)

Through the Ages (1600 BC - 1882)

Blood Diner

You do realize you're hackneyed, ridiculous pathetic (amused). Oh Louis, Louis, Louis. What am I going to do with you?

Chapter One

The journey begins…