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The Hues

The Hues Trailer

The Hues (2023)

Drama, Horror | March 4, 2023

Brewin, Maggie and Brewster become enemies when the love triangle between them forces them to choose between each other. See full summary

Director: Holy Ghost & Alejandro Monteverde
Writers: Holy Ghost & Israel Peniel
Stars: Paul Walker, Henry Cavill, Kirsten Dunst

Currently in: Pre-Production


The Interviewer
Brewster Jordan
Maggie Pierce / Claudia
Brewin / Lestat

The World of Interview with the Vampire


Listen to the Audiobook!

The "Hues" audiobook is in its beginning stages, with the soundtrack included for both the audio book and the movie. You can listen as I work my way through developing the story from beginning to end.

If you prefer to listen to the audiobook rather than read the script, then grab a cup of coffee and start listening below!


Brewin seeks refuge from his long lost friend, Brewster Jordan, who searches for him through the decades.

Chapter One

The journey begins…