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Steele Trailer

Steele (2025)

Drama, Romance | March 4, 2025

Eve, in her lethal attempt to be supreme, starts an uprising by creating cybernetics that are indestructible. "I want to know why this thing called God can create life and I can't. That's not fair."

"We are legion. For we are many. And I intend to be. For what I am, I will be. I will be God. I said, I AM." The remake of The Terminator saga.

And the beginning to the Terminator Universe (T-verse). See full summary

Director: Holy Ghost & Israel Peniel
Writers: Holy Ghost & Israel Peniel
Stars: Henry Cavill, Israel Peniel

Currently in: Pre-Production


Anastastia Steele
Christian Gray

The World of Steele



Christian Gray can't overcome his potent attraction for the young, virginal Anastasia Steele who steps into his office. His narcissim and unyielding power-play is put to the test when Anastasia unexpectedly tears down every wall he's built around himself.

When the pain of his past begins to simmer to the surface, the push-and-pull between Christian and Anastasia is explosive and could destroy everything she's struggled to build between them. The remake of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Chapter One

The journey begins…